I bought the Mango flavoured pea protein from Supplecent. Right off the bat, I fell in love with the taste- no artificial after taste or added sugar. I have tried all the best brands on the market and this is completely different. Nutrition truly is the foremost concern for Supplecent and you can taste it with every scoop!
Riya Sen Actor | Certified Yoga teacher
Supplecent protein is a wonderful protein in terms of digestion, its very easy on the stomach and I didn't face any symptoms of bloating which I faced with other brands. Muscle recovery is fast after intense workout and there is no tiredness and muscle soreness throughout the day and, last but not the least, all flavours taste good when mixed in 200 to 220 ml of water and have low carb content.
Dr. Ramit Wadhwa Cardiologist at Medanta
Simply the best proteins I've ever had. Light, digests well and instant recovery. Even the vegan protein is tasty, and not like all the sh*t sold in India
Jason Ramesh Solomon India's Top Ranked MMA Fighter
I have been using proteins supplements from past 3-4 years and among the vegan products I find it amazing. It's very smooth and tasty looking forward to see amazing results too on my running performance.
Dr. Hemant Singh Beniwal Child Psychologist at Pathways school Elite ultra runner
Finest proteins I've ever had that help me recover at such a pace without causing any heaviness or bloating.
Vinay Asrani Triathlon Coach | 3x IRONMAN
Supplecent proteins help me maintain a lean body along with the stength I need as a female powelifting coach
Pratiksha Singh National Sportsperson & Athlete | Powerlifting Coach
It's been a month since I am using Maxocent. Mostly I used it post my runs twice a day 1 scoop morning and 1 scoop evening, while doing 30 consecutive marathons. I feel the change & charged up throughout my 30 days challenge. It is light too & good in taste.. I will definitely recommended Supplecent to my friends.
Vin D Running coach, Ultrarunner, 30x30 Marathons,
30x30 Half marathons, Course record holder at Bhatti lakes ultra 50k
Having climbed for sometime now, nutrition and in particular, the intake of high quality protein has been particularly important to me. As someone who is generally skeptical of any pre-packaged supplements that people in sports are advised to take, Supplecent was also met with similar skepticism initially. However, after trying the product for a couple of weeks, having spoken to Dhruv (CEO of Supplecent) and their conviction to source the highest quality of raw materials, I was convinced to stick with Supplecent. I can safely say that their product seems far superior in the more immediate aspects such as - flavour, consistency, and mixability
Vrinda Bhageria Founder of Boulderbox
Being a long distance runner, protein requirement is huge and I don't always manage to get enough through food. Supplecent is the first protein I've tried that my body is able to digest without trouble. I'm glad I was introduced to it by a friend.
Chander Kandpal Sr. Project analyst at United Health Group
Ultra runner chosen to represent India at the World championships
I am a runner and do crossfit training. So for recovery from high intensity workouts, I started using Peacent as a supplement. I tried flavoured pea protein like Mango delight, strawberry flavour also and they are very good but I do not believe in taste so I am using unflavoured. It is good for recovery.
Dr. Subodh Kumar Yadav Post doctoral research associate at PGI, Chandigarh Long distance runner
Firstly, loved their concept of taste and then order. So, I ordered 3 small packs of MAXOCENT at first and had it after my workout with milk and was completely surprised by it's solubility with milk. It mixed so well and taste much better than I've used before.
Pravesh Parashar Robotics Engineer at World Robot Olympiad India | Ultrarunner
I've always hated protein powders because of offensive taste and difficulty in solubility. Supplecent protein powders score very high on these aspects and surprised me pleasantly!
Lt. Tanuja Sodhi Author, Nutrition coach, Ex-Indian Navy Ultrarunner,
Triathlete, Ironman 70.3
Light on stomach, doesn't make you feel bloated. Its important for me to have a protein that I can be regular with even when not working out. My workouts offlate have been erratic due to busy travelling schedules, I'm glad I've found something I can have at all times
Vinay Sharma Dancer, Founder at Dance out of poverty
My sport is all about strength and Supplecent proteins give me a whole lot of it. With 100% clean and natural products, it is the best muscle fuel out there!
Chitresh Natesan Winner Of Asia Pacific Bodybuilding Championship 2019
I tried your protein. It's really good. Tastes nice, mixes very well no lumps, it feels very light after having it and the best part is that there are no ill-effects.
Prabhjot Shera Delhi State Bodybuilding Champion | Owner of Fit Lounge
I tried the Maxocent chocolate and absolutely loved the flavour. It’s the best tasting protein I’ve ever tried. Feels like a treat
Apoorva Chaudhary HR Tech Enabler At Peoplestrong | Ultrarunner
Supplements play an important role in a sportsman's life.
Ajay Jangra Coach For National Women’s Volleyball Team
Loved the way it mixes perfectly well and the taste is great.
Anubha Raman Fitness Entrepreneur | Certified Coach
One of the best proteins I have used till date. Special mention for sample packing as they are easy to carry around (suggestion for packaging regular products as well). The taste of the product is great and so is the after effect. No bloating at all. Best thing about Supplecent team is that they actually want their product to be consumed in the right way. Instructions on how to prepare the protein mix was really helpful as I was unaware of the same.
Rishabh Singh Ultra Distance Cyclist | Triathlete
I’ve never trusted any protein supplements because they are mixed with a lot of unnatural things. But Supplecent protein is natural and I like the taste. Recovery is much faster after my long runs and speed workouts.
Binay Sah National Record Holder For 24 Hour Run
Just want to say amazing product, perfect recovery, and worth it. 
Mayank Mathpal Calisthenics Coach
My swim coach had recommended protein supplements, I tried many but I never liked any so I had pretty much given up on proteins because they taste horrible. Maxocent is delicious. I quite love the Vanilla flavour, and it’s very light on the stomach.
Kamna Ranawat Film Actor
I love Isocent Vanilla. It has strong essence of vanilla and less of sweetness, unlike other brands that I have to dilute a lot. This is just perfect!
Anthony Kunkel Elite Athlete | Ultrarunner
I used it after my daily training schedule, 5k for today. I mixed the serving with jaggery, almonds, and groundnuts. I liked the taste, felt good for a while. I think it's a good refresher for whole body.
Gagandeep Meena Professor at DIY Patil University, Pune
I like the taste, it’s much lighter than the Unived Pea protein I was having earlier. Unflavoured is my thing. Love it!
Amit Gulia First Indian To Finish La 222
The taste was excellent and I am feeling good about the product, would love to have Supplecent as a pre and a post workout drink.
Cdr. Sunil Handa Indian Navy | Ultrarunner
I'm doing some heavy duty mileage these days and I need quick recovery. I've tried Maxocent protein and I experienced much improved recovery times. Also, I love the taste!
Abhishek Rathor Ironman | Ultrarunner
This product is very tasty and easy to consume, just 250ml water needed. It feels like having a cold coffee.
Munish Dev HR At NTPC | Ultramarathon Runner
Taste, Recovery, Digestion - Everything is great. I like this protein.
Deep Jaitley TV Actor
I had Peacent Unflavoured and absolutely loved it. After having my Unived Pea protein, I couldn't have anything else because it used to be so heavy. This is much lighter, I can eat something as well. Carrying another sachet to work. I think this product is going to rock.
Anjali Saraogi Elite Ultrarunner
I have been using protein supplements from last 6-7 years. Currently I used Isocent, product of Supplecent, which was much more easily soluble in water than other brand products I have used. Also, is smelled and tasted much better. I would recommend the same"
Anubhav Apoorva Runner | Engineer at Maruti
It’s a great product and I am sure it’ll help many budding and established athletes and sportspersons to get the right kind of protein supplements esp the vegetarians and vegans.
Dr Vinita S Jain Dentist | Cyclist
Although, I was never a regular user of any protein product since I tasted maxocent Chocolate, I just love the taste, the texture, it like a smoothest smoothie ever. To be very honest, I have a lot of friends who uses protein shakes for quite a while but have never heard anyone other them saying that it tastes so good and that was one of the biggest reasons of me not having it before. Starting this year, I am running 100k every week, my Mondays were quite fatigue as I usually run long (50+ k) over the weekends, but since I have started having this Choco Maxo, I feel much better and energetic even on Sundays after finishing g my 100k week. It's been just a fortnight since am using supplecent and really really looking forward to find out the results on a longer run. Thanks guys for coming up with such a fantastic drink.
Biplab Mukherjee Runner | Manager at Fitso
It was easily soluble and easy to digest. Felt muscles have recovered faster than before after workout
Gaurav Karjee VP at Religare Securities
I have tested all 3 products. All had similar experience - lite, easy to mix and tasted good. Maxocent with vanilla flavor was a different experience compared all other vanilla flavored drinks I had previously - not over-sweetened at all. And, it was the first time I tired a pea protein and with the mango flavor, it tasted good. One feedback would be the packaging - opening was a struggle!
Juby George Theoretical Physicist | Runner
I used to have whichever proteins were recommended by friends without asking questions. But they didn't make me feel very good. So I stopped taking proteins. I tried Supplecent, and they are very good in taste and feel light. My recovery is also very good after hard workouts.
Parveen Sangwan Yoga Teacher
Both flavours digested well, no bloating or burping. I liked chocolate more than vanilla
Prabhakaran Mohan Triathlete
The flavour is very good of Maxocent chocolate. I felt good muscle recovery after a good weight training session
Chinu Sarvang Founder at HQ Gym & TeamChinu Events
I have been a constant protien user over the last 6 years and have had my share of proteins from the best to worst. Being a crossfit and gymnastics athlete I always look for a protein that's gives quick recovery and is easily digested.This is one of the best proteins i have had in a very long time and I can safely say that it has the best taste (considering I have consumed the best of proteins). This is the first protein that I have ever had that does not taste like as if you are hogging on sugar. Is really fine and tastes how protein should taste naturally with a hint of flavor.The packaging Is great too. Being a constant traveler I know how hard it is to keep track of the protein intake and hence these small packets give the balanced protein intake. Kudos to the protein. Will be able to talk about the recovery once I use this for a longer time.
Prashant Bhardwaj Powerlifter
Tastes pretty good, excellent recovery, I also gave it to my friend to try
Jackson Tirky Gym Trainer
I like the texture and taste of protein, It doesn't felt heavy after consumption
Sumit Singhal Climber | Trekker | Trail runner
I tried Maxocent chocolate blast. It was absolutely yum. I totally loved it. Even my friends who tried loved it. Will be ordering a box as soon as my current stock gets over
Vijaya Singh Ex-Attorney at Delhi Courts | Runner
I have taken 3 servings of MaxoCent and IsoCent each, and tried chocolate, vanilla and unflavoured. No side effects are there for sure. I like the flavours also, vanilla and chocolate. Solubility is perfect, couldn't be better. Digestion wise also I didn't face any issue at all.
Yamini Kothari Senior Analyst at ICRA | Runner
I had stopped taking protein supplement. But this is very good. Much better than my all the brands I used in past
Tejinder Singh Event Organizer | Runner
I had Maxocent Chocolate after 16kms of running. It was delicious. And I felt great. Went for another 10k run in the evening
Suraj Chadha BD Manager at Fitso | Runner
There was no frown on my face during the protein intake ...have seen people sipping in just because they have to. The taste was excellent n am feeling good about the product ,would love to have Supplecent as a pre and a post workout drink.
Shruti Joshi Pandey Runner
After taking these, i feel light, the stomach is not bloated..i feel energized and refreshed too when taken with cold water..As compared to my earlier brands...which proved heavy in consumption. Would like to play a bigger role in making people aware about PROTIENS.
Sachin Bansal Telecom consultant at Ericsson | Runner
Lovely product, easily soluble n digestible the delivery came quickly will recommend it to all of my runner friends.
Gurleen Arora Running Group Lead at GRR
I think Isocent is a very good. It is high quality protein and is excellent for recovery.
Apeksha Shah Achieved Significant Weightloss transformation
Love the taste. Felt clear difference in recovery. I recommend it absolutely!
Deepika Hiremath Runner | Engineer at Maruti
The product is excellent; it helps a lot in recovery. It gives essential nutrients and at the same time, tasty and healthy. 
Amar Ranu VP at Centrum Wealth Management
I like the taste, it felt good. It's a thumbs up from me. If you take proteins, recommend this
Dr. Anshul Jaibharat Nutrition Coach
I loved the fact that there was no aftertaste and the protein dissolved rather quickly. The shake was quite smooth and it didn't cause any bloating or abdominal discomfort later during the day
Deepika Lalwani Yoga & Pilates coach | Nutritionist
To be honest I didn't even feel like I was taking protein, it tastes so nice. Great product, specially Peacent for vegans!
Nishtha Srivastava Software engineer | Storyteller