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About Us

Supplecent is a deep-tech company, at the intersection of health, food, and biology. Our mission is to solve nutritional deficiency for everyone, starting with proteins. We keep YOU at the centre. We talk to YOU, we listen to YOU, and we build for YOU.


Everyone needs proteins. 

Proteins are the most important macronutrient. We need them for a variety of reasons- muscle recovery and growth, cell development and tissue repair, and glowing skin and lustrous hair. Lack of adequate proteins in the diet is a leading cause of modern lifestyle diseases, ranging from obesity to cancer.

While the Western population obtains their dose of adequate proteins from their regular diet, more than 85% of Indians are protein deficient. With our natural products, we intend to make proteins as common as salt and sugar in our lives, and not just supplements for bodybuilders. By doing so, we aim to establish the largest and the most trustworthy nutrition brand in India.

All our products have been perfected and certified after two years of research and one year of extensive trials. We are currently in an invite only beta stage, available via the reference of select top doctors, renowned nutritionists, elite fitness trainers, and at a few premium locations. Nutrition is an ongoing and ever-evolving journey. At Supplecent, we strive for lending a holistic presence to the products we deliver. Hence, we are now extensively working towards increasing our supply, reshaping our branding, developing our packaging, and preparing for a mega launch. Till then limited quantities are available online for our early backers at massive pre-launch discounts.

What are you waiting for? 

Check out which proteins are the most suited for you and order our trial packs now!